Snowshoes make walking on snow easy and enable you reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible. It’s an activity that can be undertaken with or without a guide, and doesn’t require a high level of physical fitness, making it ideal for all ages. If you don’t have snowshoes of your own, in Vielha you’ll find a number of shops where you can rent them.

Before you decide which route to take, it is essential to check the Conselh Generau d’Aran’s avalanche warning service.

As well as the recommended routes described above, which can also be tackled in hiking boots, here are some further options that are ideal after a heavy snowfall. Snowshoeing does not require any special skills, making it suitable for everyone, evene children.

Don’t miss out on the unique sensation of walking on snow, and immerse yourself in  the peaceful atmopsphere, the only sounds your footsteps and snowflakes falling on the wintry landscape.


An easy and enjoyable walk through the Conangles valleys allows you to explore all the beauty of the Conangles beech forest in its winter garb.

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Recommended after an abundant snowfall.

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